Day 1

By: Hu’s Kitchen

Today is Day 1 of my 28 Days eat with Hu’s Kitchen.

For Breakfast today, I cooked Chinese Egg Wrap, For Lunch Korean Rainbow Rice Bowl and for Dinner Sticky Pork Belly. 

Below you can find all the ingrediants and step by step instructions along with my Youtube Video. Hope you will enjoy these 3 delicious dishes ūüėč



1. – 100g Plain flour
2. – 50g Maize meal
3. – 360g Water
4. – 3 Eggs
5. РLettuce of your choice
6. РA hand full of Coriander
7.- 2 Spring onion
8. – Sesame seeds
9. – A pinch of sugar(optional)
10. РA few slices of ham
11. – 1 Can of Sweet corn
12. – Pork floss(optional)
13. – White vinegar(optional)


14. – 1 Tablespoon light soy sauce
15. – 1 Tablespoon oyster sauce (optional)
16. – 2 Tablespoon sweet bean paste
17. – 100g Water/sprite
18. – 10g Plain flour


1. – 1/2 Carrot
2. – 1/2 Courgette(Zucchini)
3. – 4-5 Mushrooms
4. – 200g Spinach
5. – 100g Bean spouts
6. – Enoki mushroom (optional)
7. – 2 Spring onions
8. – A hand full of coriander
9. – Salt
10. – Pepper
11. – Prawn/meat of your choice (optional )


12. – 2 tablespoon chilli paste
13. – 3 tablespoon sprite
14. – 2 tablespoon sesame oil
15. – 1 tablespoon sesame seeds
16. – 1 tablespoon water


1. – 500g/ 1 Pack of Pork belly
2. – 3 Spring onion
3. – 1 -2 Red chillis and 2 dry chillis (optional)
4. – A few slices of ginger
5. – A hand full of sichuan pepper(optional)
6. – 3-4 Tablespoons Chinese cooking wine
7. – 6-8 Lump sugar and 4-6 rock sugar
8. – 1-2 Tablespoons dark soy sauce
9. – 2 Tablespoons light soy sauce
10. – 1 Can (330ml) of beer of your choice (optional)
11. – Salt
12. – 6-8 Star anise
13. – 1 Potato (optional)
14. – Green bean noodles (optional)

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

First of all, chop some spring onions, a hand full of coriander and some lettuce then put them on the side.

Step 2

Put 10 grams of plain flour in a sauce pan, add in 100 grams sprite(if you don’t have sprite then use 100 grams of water and 1 tablespoon of sugar) and give a stir then add 1 tablespoon light soy sauce, 2 tablespoons sweet been paste, a pinch of sugar. Mix all the ingredients in the pan then put on a high heat to boil, after 20 seconds turn the heat to medium and stir constantly until the sauce is thick but spreadable.

Step 3

Add 100 grams plain flour and 50 grams maize meal in a bowl, then add about 360 grams water (add half first, mix then add another half), mix the mixture well until it smooth.

Step 4

Brush the cold pan with vegetable/olive oil thenturn on the hob to medium heat, pour in a cup full of the mixture, we are going to tilt the pan until the mixture coats the bottom of the pan evenly. Once the bubbles start to appear under the wrap, crack an egg on top of the wrap and use a fork to spread the egg on the top of the wrap evenly. Add sesame seeds and some spring onions before the egg is set.

Step 5

When the egg nearly set, flip the wrap, then brush a thin layer of the sauce, then add ham(optional), sweet corn, lettuce and pork floss(optional). For the final touch, add the garnish sping onion and coriander then drip some extra sauce on the wrap. Wrap it with some baking paper, Enjoy ūüôā


Step 1

Follow the instruction on the back of your rice, Cook some rice.

Step 2

Prepare the prawns, peel half of the zucchini(courgette), peel half of the carrot.

Step 3

Chop spring onions, carrot, zucchini(courgette), a hand full of mushrooms, half red pepper to slices. Chop off the end of enoki mushroom.

Step 4

 Add 2 TBSP chilli paste, 3 TBSP Sprite(full fat lemonade), 2 TBSP sesame oil, 1 TBSP sesame seeds and 1 TBSP water in a sauce pan, let it boil on the hob for about 5 mins, stiring constantly.

Step 5

Fill a bowl with some rice, Fry all vegetables individually, then plate them up individually on top of the rice.

Step 6

Fry a sunny Рside up egg (running yolk), Plate the egg in the middle of the bowl. 

Step 7

Fry the prawns, plate them next to the eggs.

Step 8 

Spoon some sauce on top of vegetables and prawns.

Step 9 

Take some photos and share with you friends

Step 10

Proper Mix everything together then enjoy! 



Step 1

Cut pork belly to squares, add some tap water into a pan, add pork belly, 3-4 anise, 3-4 pieces of gingers and cooking alcohol around 1 TBSP, Boil for about 10 mins, remove foamy bits. 

Step 2

Get the pork belly out to dry completely, add vegetable oil to a new pan, add chopped spring onion, chilli, 3-5 star anises, some Sichuan pepper dry chillis(optional) and ginger then add pork belly, fry a little bit until the both sides of pork slightly brown on the fat.

3. Then add 1 TBSP cooking alcohol, 2 TBSP light soy sauce around 50ml, 2 TBSP dark soy sauce then add the rock sugar/lump sugar, 330 ml beer of your choice.

4. Add enough water cover the pork and turn the heat to high until it boiled then turn it down to medium, let it simer for about 30 mins, check once around 15 mins.

5. After 30 mins low heat then turn it back to high heat to reduce the sauce, until the sauce sticky and thick

6. Chop and bird eye red chilli, green chilli, spring onion, garlic and coriander. Sprinkle everything on the top can give extra flavor and make it looks more pretty.